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  • Yup lol Time flies so quick. Dropped out of the Pokemon scene and never really got back into it. Got busy with University and working but I still remembered the time I spent here and on FriendCodes. Surprised I actually remembered my account info to be honest haha
    lol, so I'm RNGing Unowns right now as well and I seem to hit the same problem you do. =X I can't find the frame I'm on at all. And none of the methods can pinpoint them.What's up with that? I calculated a frame that could possibly be the one I'm looking for, but I have a hunch it's not going to work. I'm afraid we'll have to RNG on DPPt if we want cool Unowns. =(
    Not too bad actually. I'm working to save up money for school later this year. Besides that, I went to Cali for like 2 weeks to visit family lol How about you?
    thank you very much!!

    if there's anything I can do for you, please do tell :3
    I forgot to check my white; I have four there.. :/

    white 2: 2237 4977 7367White: 5200 7861 5515
    black:1034 8996 2395

    hope you don't mind :3
    i have one on black and 5 on white 2

    you can keep copies of them ^.^ I don't mind
    actually, I think it would be best for both of us if you just send the files, because otherwise I would have to download the files and upload them again so they can stay private under my account.

    let me count them, they're scatter in like 3 games I believe
    or you can just email me the files, whichever is easier for you

    they're quite a few
    I don't think I want to buy one; I just don't think I'll use it enough to justify it. Anyways, if you can figure out how to upload them, and are able to help me; I'll be available tomorrow morning!

    Good night :)
    I believe you can upload the files to pokecheck even if they have the ribbons; last time someone helped me the person also used a flashcard...but I'm dumb and don't know how flashcards work :/
    hey, do you know how to upload events onto pokecheck using a DS Lite?
    I guess I'll have to go with that for now, thanks; I didn't know that was possible.

    I still would like someone to extract the files and upload them; it makes clonning so much easier! ^.^
    I actually use pokecheck pretty often; I just can't upload events because of the ribbon they have :s
    Tell me, how do you upload the events? It would be great if you can help me =)
    Nice! lol why must things be expensive T_T

    Actually, I'm trying to remember how to RNG myself. I'm almost ready to make a team for 4th gen, but waiting till i absolutely know what i want. Also, i cannot find the download of pikatimer anywhere these days, so i'm using the new ZOMGtimer
    Haha I've been busy non-stop with school, so i had to quit pokemon lol I'm just going to university now, and my roommates told me i should play again, so here I am ^_^ how have you been?!
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