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  • 1 - Save in front of the daycare man
    2 - Soft Reset taking note of the time
    3 - Mash A until you get through the continue screen
    4 - Exit out of the Journal (since it'll pop up due to the date advancement)
    5 - Immediately press A to get the egg
    6 - Then Fly to an area with high level Pokes (I usually go to the route above Resort area)
    7 - Catch then enter the data like you would in the Calibration phase
    8 - Hatch find out IVs and look for your frame
    9 - Rinse and repeat?

    even though Minigot guide may say to see the date ahead by 2 days, its not nesscary, I dont.
    Not setting the date, will make step 4 obsolete.
    as for the steps yes
    Your confusing the acutal RNG process and the calibration process :)
    Your getting the seed from the high lv pkmn.
    During the frame calibration process, you quickly tap A and get the egg, then capture the high lv pokemon.
    Then in the RNGreporter, you input the data from the high lv pkmn and push ok.
    Then you have to hatch the egg and find a way to check its ivs without saving(usually by raising it level with rare candies)
    Then you click the Breeding Dppt.
    Make sure everything is clear on the right side because if anything is on from generating the egg, then no result will show.
    Once you click the generate, a list of frames will appear.
    The you find the frame that have matches your machop current IV.
    You make note of the frame and repeat the process to see if you can enter the world on that frame more than once, usually you need to do this process three time for safety.

    Vm me back if you can get this far:)
    Due to a family problem My posting will be a little delay
    For quicker question please post in the RNG help thread. I will try ot respond to you and heatwave asap
    Do you have the desired egg in the daycare right now?
    If not, take the step and generate you egg and then try to save when a NPC isnt moving, the humans not the pkmn
    To do the calibration phrase you will need to
    Sync your ds to a clock
    Be in an area of high lv pkmn lv 49+
    And the rngreporter

    1. Save in the high lv pkmn area
    2. When it become the next minute, reset the game (L+R+Start+Select)
    3. Tap A as quick as you can until you press A on the continue screen
    4. Capture A high lv pokemon
    5. Input the data from that pokemon in the rngreporter.
    6. Record the Seconds and Delay
    7. Repeat steps 2-6 about 10-20 times to get a good list off your delay and time

    VM me back when you complete the steps
    Main factor of getting a flawless pkmn
    2 parents with near flawless ivs (most user have at least 1 flawless ditto, or 1 international ditto for make shiny speads appear on lower frames.

    Well since you know who to do the shiny egg rng, its time to learn and do the calibrations. Once do your calibrations, you will only have to do it once thoughtout the entire game.
    In the calibration process you are looking for your delay and seconds.
    Seconds being the time it take you to press A on the blue continue screen to enter the world from reset.
    Delays basically the # of frames that passed when you before you enter the world.
    Target time is basicaaly a specific time where the pokemon would have the desired stuff.

    Delay I think means the amount of frames that passes until you press A on the continue screen (the screen after it says press start)

    First off, Is this for Dppt?
    Well first off, you have to read Minigot Guide to the IV abusing. It very crucial to read it for you can have a grasp of what you will have to do
    There aren't really many people like that here; mainly because a lot of us are busy students (like myself). Probably the best way to go about it is to ask questions you may have in the All Generation PRNG Help/Information thread. People there will help you with any questions you may have, and that would definitely get you a quicker response to your questions than finding someone to walk you through the entire process.
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