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  • WHAT! That's cool! What for?
    Oh I can already RNG on 3rd Gen =) so I kind of already beat you to the punch :P
    ;D! I am going to be going to Korea beginning of next year. :)
    Cuz I haven't gotten around to doing 3rd gen yet, and you can't beat me to it.
    Ah, I know where you're at. No, Hawaii. I used to live in Cali way back though.

    Oh, I thought you were RNG'ing, and was gonna kick you for it :P
    You can use an emulator for your Pokemon as long as you state doing so, but the RNG researchers haven't made and aren't going to make guides specifically to help emulator users. If you want to take the emulator way out, you're on your own.
    Aww, I'm sorry. D:
    Hopefully it won't last.

    Do it. I'ma try to RNG in HG again. I got close last time I tried, I hit the delay but the wrong second. :/
    xD! If we ever meet IRL I'll take you up on that! :P

    Dude I hack youtube. Torrents are fail, I don't even know how to "open" them >.< lawl.

    I know it's just like a special kind of download, but I have no clue how to get the actual files out of them. I've tried sooo many times, but I failed lawl.
    Dude, I've tried like 20 different people's Mexican Rice, I just can't get into it. It looks like pissed on rice, and tastes worse to me. D:!

    Nah I haven't lawl.
    Lol, I'm sure you won't. xD

    Y'know, I completely understand. I have days like that. I just want to lie in bed all day. xD

    Go RNG something. -insert motivating sentence here-
    Yeah, I know it. >.<

    Ohh, wow. I see. :o
    I hope you the time goes by quickly and that everything goes well in Cali. :]
    Lol, guy* sorry xD

    I know! I've been so busy lol. Holidays and stuff. How was your Christmas?
    Oh yeahhhh I forgot, sorry. I always assume everyone is a white male in their 40's until proven otherwise. :P

    I'm sure, I've had to do the same, it's tough. But just think how easy it is going to be picking her up walking out of the Security check!

    A fuckin rice maker dude!
    Yay getting wasted tis the best! ;D! xD!

    Nigga is only racist when saying it a black guy. When crackers say it to each other, they just looked like wangsters! >.<
    Not really, she'll come back. And things will get better

    haha nigga made it more racist, considering I'm a cracker, and yeah. I ain't no nigga. lawl.
    Iknowright?! Life hates me sometimes.
    Jeez bro, you've got it rough too! D:!
    Don't be depressed she ain't leavin forever.

    I'd say I missed you too, but that sounds homo. So I'm gonna say IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME YO!
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