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  • Yes. I'm free to trade right now actually. Use the White FC in my sig. I'll see you in the wifi room. ;)
    If you'd still like to help with Pokemon BW EV training...I offer a credit per Pokemon EV trained or a copy of what you EV train:<br />
<br />
Scizor: 248 HP / 40 Atk / 220 SDef (do not delete any moves)
    Landorus: 4 SpA / 252 Atk / 252 Spd (do not delete any moves)
    HEY!!! :D wazzup WAZZUP??!! Are you having fun in D.C?? PM me on marr. so we can talk if you want :D
    hey man :) you said you could help with cloning pokes? well, i could use your help now :D I need to clone 6 pokes :) is that possible?
    it sure was. thanks a lot, should you need further reference you can use me I suppose
    hi can u hack me a lv 100 calm nature heatran with 252 hp evs 252 sp def and 4 spd its for 4th generation
    I have 6, 1 cope of each, so original plus 1, you can keep copies of whatever you want for yourself as well, my white fc is 0132-0995-2233
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