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  • 'sup, we're paired for the first round of the 3v3 tourney. PM me when you have time to do the battle. My timezone is GMT+1
    Looks like I just missed you. I won't be online on Monday but I will be on at this time on Tuesday, so hopefully I can catch you then (and for a few more hours tonight if you come back !!)
    Saturday or Sunday afternoon works better for me. What time specifically could you be on?
    Okay I had someone else take care of Qwilfish, but you still have this going on. If you're not interested in finishing it let me know and I'll reassign it. Don't just ignore my VM again -_-
    Hey man, be sure to implement that second GP check Komodo did on your Qwilfish analysis so I can upload it ASAP.
    What dorm are you living in? If you're still up for it, I'd love to meet up and perhaps grab lunch or something sometime.
    im extremely sorry that i havent been on. i should be able to do around 9am (central time, i presume?) but if not, then ill give you the win
    We're paired for the ADV No Johns tour. If you use IRC, you can find me there on a daily basis (#pokemon).
    Btw, i'm Gmt +2.
    Oh, that's fine. I'm usually available during the afternoon. If it works for you, maybe we could battle today at 12:00 pm GMT+0. This sounds ok?
    Hey, i'm usually online during the afternoon but i think i can play at night if you wish. I'm on GMT-3 and you can find me online on #pokemon as papai_noel. Just pm me when you see me online so that we can schedule a nice time to do the battles.
    Lol. I'm on holiday atm so I can't battle yet. I'll vm you when I'm back. I'll definitely be back before the deadline
    Hey, we're paired up for the UU Open. I'm in GMT+2, but I'll need a couple of days to test teams before I'm ready, so Monday or Tuesday would be good if that's fine by you.
    Cool. Nice to meet someone else who goes there. But anyway, I'd have no problem with us meeting up on campus sometime. I was actually planning to meet Eo too since he attends another college in the city.
    Hey Friar, sorry I'm at work so I can browse the forums but can't get on Showdown or PO. Maybe we can play sometime tonight? (It will have to be after 11 PM) or another time
    Hey, I'm EST time as well so I'll contact you when you get back from vacation :)
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