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  • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay :D

    The return of Fridanny!

    Hehe what version did you get? :D I got White. :3
    Hmm... Wonder who the two people are in your avatar... Mystery! :P
    Hi! /me misses Fridanny. :(
    Well if we're both on and and you have the time, just give me a VM.
    If I don't see you today, is there a specific time when you'll be on tomorrow? Did you want to try for around 5:30 as it seems you were on that time today?
    Oh I thought you use an AR to make .pkm files. You also reminded me that there are non malicious things about pokesav lol. That's fine but I'd still like to use the last of them to have some stuff cloned though :).
    Hi FriDanny I was wondering if I could use the last of my credits. With the invention of HyperGts, I can send copies of classic ribbons to my game. So instead of cloning the Pokemon like you have, could you just send me a .pkm file of the Pokemon?
    Yeah, I hope you have been doing well. xD

    I have been alright. I managed to get suspect test voting rights, so I have been thinking very carefully on the suspects of gen 5.
    Hey, would you like me to EV train your pokemon now? We discussed this 3 days ago I think (via pm)
    Finals week + I'm kinda like one of the only active GP checkers around C&C, lol. Yeah, busy as well, but in a sorta different way.

    I'm just looking forward to my 3-4 week break after the finals (I dug my own grave in statistics... well, I'm going to take the easier trig next time around anyways since I couldn't understand it at all >_>). I hope other people have such a break too because I don't want to be lurking around doing nothing.
    I randomly said Fridanny, and then I remembered you, and I kinda missed you. >.<

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