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  • ah i forgot to ask are these pokemon to be kept NFT by me? They are rather rare so im just checking.
    thanks for the trade, ive been wanting to run banded gyarados but couldnt really do it without double-edge. and this tri-attack togepi looks very interesting as well. thanks again.
    alright, i dont think ive given you my fc. 3053 2698 0999. i'll be in the room in a few mins.
    yeah im sorry about that i should have specified that from the begginning. Just let me know when you can get him transferred.
    ITs fine i understand, I am wary of hacks myself. I will be adding OT and ID to that spreadsheet eventually. I always make sure people know that information before the trade if they are skeptical. can you trade soon/now?
    you cant use pokecheck or whatever? I think thats what most people use when i give them the information.
    Yes they are fully redistrutable (i dont usually trade for non-RD stuff and if i do i always obey rights) and they are legit. the breloom is from gfaqs. I gave you the info so you could look it up and ensure it's legit, im 100% sure on both.
    no, i would say about 80% of them are from a group of about 7 or 8 rng'ers. i just trade a lot lol. They are all legit though. let me give you info on breloom

    OT:Sheena (know him)

    The keldeo is obviously the event keldeo.
    thanks for the response, the breloom is flawless. that is shiny too though, it is in the shiny ev'd tab. i have non-shiny pokemon tabs in there if thats what you're looking for. i think i have the ivs for kheldeo listed there it is near flawless hp ghost.
    Nice. I'm about to enter winter's break over here by the end of next week, only 3 exams to go. lol 60 hours? that's a lot .__.
    if you can get on irc, on #pokemon, on the synirc network. i'll be online so i can talk to you through it on there :)
    I don't have mimic glitched i only have those that are in my thread unfortunately
    Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been playing Pokemon lately. Are you referring to the ones that we traded for your XD Dragonite? I think you got those from xElite
    my team is perfectly legit and im new too, wanna battle, i swear its legit i can play random wifi and stuff too its just i didnt train em
    Ok, I can trade it anytime (except tomorrow evening, heading on a trip)
    BTW, it was emulator abused, hacked wondercard to get Oak's Letter. I have it save stated in case you want a specific Pokeball, which in this case is a Luxury Ball atm.
    I can get you a flawless Modest HP Fire Shaymin, does the Pokeball matter?
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