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  • Oh, lol. That's really weird. According to my computer, I was still in. I was WONDERING why you weren't responding...
    I'm afraid that if it was nicknamed Chansey already it won't change upon evolution. The nickname always overrides the default name
    I'll try if I figure out some sort of strategy. Last one was so bad I dropped out after 3 battles lol
    Hey Frog, Tomorrow or later tonight might be better, I am participating atm in the Smogon Live Tournament going on right now and I got an appointment at 3:00pm my time, If the tourny ends before I leave and your still on I would be free to trade :)
    The awful truth? either meat or eggs, still haven't decided on one .-. Both are delicious products compared to what big industries offer nowadays so that's our bet, I personally think either or both could work both I have to measure whether it's gonna mean more or less field research in the long run since this is for a subject anyway ._.
    Good luck then :)
    I on the other hand have to memorize about 3 chapters of a management book for tomorrow and another 5 chapters for another test on tuesday X.x
    Meanwhile I need to look into how much we'll need to invest to start a project about organic chicken breeding, all of this theorically speaking for now.
    Hey froggy. Doing well I guess just got a lot to read and do this week for college >.<
    how about you?
    So... what you're saying is I should totally make Tentacruel my lead? :)

    Good games all around! I think you thromped me good the first 2 times (and #3 was a gimme because I was dumb).

    Next time, I'll bring my A game... not my lv 50 game... LOL.
    Yikes - that is a wall, sir. Not that I should have expected a super effective politoed HP to kill a substitute, but I was hoping for something...
    Back on!

    I hope I'm not subconsciously picking a team to defeat all and only your guys. Trying hard not to... and apparently succeeding. :P

    So Timid grass Rotom trumps Jellicent by a large amount, so you would have won that. I would have Lucario-> Crunched your guy, been locked into Crunch. Your Heatran would probably survive the banded crunch, and then decimate my team. Had it not, wouldn't matter - your Scizor would have finished me off.
    Rotom was going to come down to who hit first... which was probably going to be your guy, so the question was whether I'd take out your Scizor before you took out my remaining fighting type - I know Chansey could have taken Heatran.
    &*%*ing communication error!

    How many pokemon did you have left?

    I'm going in w/ a whole new team. Argh!

    PS - I counted at least 3 mistakes on my part, but I still think I had a chance. :(
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