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  • Hiya! We play for nulympics round 3. Let me know a good time to play. Im pretty busy tonight but tomorrow im generally free. Let me know!
    hey bro. i'd just like to drop by and say that while i do appreciate your efforts to contribute to the NU forum, i'd like to see a little more substance and logic to your posts. some people have complained about some of your posts so yeah. i think you could become a good contributor if you just step up your game a bit and stay focused on the topic without snarky remarks like referring to you icing me in that one match. ;)
    okay i managed to change my nick on PS i guess

    i'm sdkljf;kd; now! can you play there then
    Well, I can't really play on PS... :(

    I'm on Groudon's Grotto as lucariofan44, whenever you're ready.
    Groudon's Grotto is a PO server. Also I have to finish building my team so it'll be just a few minutes.
    I lied, PS! isn't letting me log in. .-.

    I'll probably be on Groudon's Grotto, then?
    I'm on IRC, actually. If you want to play right now, I'll probably be on PS! in a few minutes.
    Hey, I didn't mean to be harsh or anything, just wanted you to know that!

    Everyone's new at some point. And really, I think your posts are lot more presentable than most people (including me, lol) on their sixth day of Smogon! =D

    ps: and keep being active!
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