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  • I have found the increase in accuracy to be worth the possible immunity, especially given how while Grass-types are now immune they aren't extremely popular. Also if they happen to have Gourgeist or Trevenant or w/e the set can just prioritize entry hazards.

    but yea thanks for the thought, definitely an interesting one.
    gmt-7? i'm gmt+8 so this is gonna be hell. Can you play at 11am tues/wednesday?
    Hey is it possible u want to play for the Random Pokemon Tourney today? or if nto we can play it some other day i guess
    i'm at gmt -8 but i'm gonna be pretty busy through christmas weekend, can we arrange something over what is presumably your winter break? i'm pretty free next week after the weekend.
    Looked for you on IRC today but you weren't there D:

    Are you available this week? Let me know so I can find a time to arrange more tutoring sessions :)
    we got matched up for ost, vm me what time u wanna play (remember we cant play until after predictions)
    sorry buddy, unable to tutor today I'm afraid (chemistry teacher randomly announces there's a test tomorrow smh, and i have to prepare for that :|)

    i can't tutor on fridays btw, i have piano lessons and i'm pretty busy this week-end...hopefully we can schedule something this week-end, otherwise we can meet on monday at 5:30 PM as usual ^_^
    cool, though i can't teach right now because i have to study for an exam for tomorrow and i was only online for 5 mins :(

    i'd be available tomorrow at 5:30 PM EST :)

    and i'm usually on #ratemyteam on IRC!
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