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  • Hey! After A Long Extended Wait,

    My Computer Is Fixed.

    I Have Resumed Control Of "The Hell Razors"

    I Am Planning Big Thing's - Such As
    Pokemon Of The Week, Weekly RMT's,
    Weekly/Monthly Tournament's :)

    Come Drop By And Remember Stay Active!
    well im gmt-0 and itll be easier to find me throughout the day on smogon/showdown/irc/po. just send me a message when were both online so we can get these matches done swiftly
    2nd call for drakon136 to get our Darkrai tourney matches done. When are you free to battle?
    Highlight me next time we're both on IRC or PO so we can get our Darkrai tourney matches, mkay?
    Hi, I am your opponent for the VGC 2012 tournament and I am GMT+0. I can play any day from 5 - 10pm.
    yo, im at gmt +10 so its gonna be hard to find a time, but i will try to come on around your time.
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