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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    Heart Swap Magearna is the first answer that comes to my mind. The fact that Z-Geomancy still has the charge turn means you can even see the move start up and have enough time to switch Magearna in on the second turn of the move, threaten to steal its boosts, and eviscerate it with Flash Cannon...
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    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Calculations for Sunsteel Strike and Moongeist Beam seem like they don't have their built-in Mold Breaker effects. For instance, Lugia's Multiscale is still halving the damage from Moongeist Beam at full health, even though this move should ignore Multiscale. I didn't change anything in Lunala's...
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    Resource Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread (read the op before posting a thread)

    Does Multiscale/Shadow Shield still activate if the Pokemon with Multiscale/Shadow Shield is behind a Sub and at full health?
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    Baton Pass - its role in the metagame and possible solutions to nerf full Baton Pass chains

    I have a couple concerns about accuracy-reducing moves too. While they have a wide distribution, most Pokemon would rather run other, better moves that aren't so luck-based and don't leave your opponent any chance for a free turn (which accuracy-reducing moves still do even at -6). Plus, the...
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    OU Gliscor

    Normally I'd stay out of something like this, but I think Hootie's comments went a bit too far. My intention as an editor is never to insult the original author - it's to improve the quality of the work. Berserker Lord already touched on how various edits do just that and why a high number of...
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    OU Gliscor

    Amateur check of my own. Please consider these edits too. Additions Deletions Comments, with selected sections enclosed in [] Overview ######## Gliscor remains a top defensive threat in today's metagame. WithIt has a great defensive typing that gives it a resistance to Fighting, and immunity...
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    Ubers Blaziken [QC 3/3][GP 2/2]

    Amateur check here. Additions Deletions Comments, with selected sections enclosed in [] Overview ######## Blaziken takes the title of being is the first, and currently sole only, starter to be banished to [Ubers]Use "Uber" to refer to the tier, though "Ubers" is acceptable when referring to...
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    OU Moltres

    Amateur check here. Additions Deletions Comments, which selected sections enclosed in [] Overview ######## While the Fire / Flying typing offers an unattractive 4x weakness to Stealth Rock, it also provides an array of resistances which that, when augmented by access to Hurricane backed by...
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    Aerodactyl [GP: 1/2]

    Amateur check. Hope I'm doing this right. Additions Deletions Comments, with selected sections enclosed in [] Overview ######## [Aerodactyl was a Pokemon oft seen as a sweeper. With base 105 Attack and 130 Speed as well as access to a decent movepool, Aerodactyl provided proved to be a...
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    Ask A Simple Question, Get A Simple Answer - Pokemon Showdown! Edition

    I noticed something when looking at the various metagames you can select in PS. Some of the older ones, namely Gen IV and older, are listed as "beta". I know PS has been around a few years, but now I'm curious - exactly what is beta about each of those metagames on the server? Is there certain...
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    Pokémon Diancie

    Speaking of set suggestions, FurryGah already touched on one thought I've been throwing around: physically defensive Assault Vest instead of specially defensive. While I've only done a few calcs testing the special side, Diancie reaches over 500 S.Def uninvested with Assault Vest, so she should...
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    Pokémon Diancie

    Based on what we know about Diancie so far (it could certainly change at any time), this thing strikes me more as a Pokemon that would be better off supporting its team, rather than being something that you build a team around. Stealth Rock is always useful, and although Rock/Fairy isn't the...
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    Pokémon Kyurem-Black

    I tried it out on one of my teams as part of a duo-Dragon core, and the power is real. What I like about it is CB Fusion Bolt actually has a decent chance to 2HKO defensive Sylveon and Clefable after Leftovers (guaranteed with rocks unless Magic Guard is in play), meaning you're more free to...
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    OU Kyurem-B

    I admit I'm a little confused on Iron Head for the CB set. The Usage Tips and stuff for that set is still written as if you're running Dragon Claw in the last slot, don't know if you plan on editing that soon, but I have to wonder if a 64.5% chance for +Atk CB Fusion Bolt to 2HKO defensive...
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    SwagPlay, evaluating potential bans (basic definition of "uncompetitive" in OP)

    This thread is like a culmination of all the talk about SwagPlay I've seen over the past few weeks lol. I don't ladder extensively, and I've only seen the strategy myself a few times, so for that reason I'm not actually gonna side one way or the other. The only thing I feel I can do is focus on...