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    The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Quarterfinals

    I think its a great quarterfinal, good luck to all participants. Have a nice day
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    Smogon Premier League VIII - Player Signups

    Player Name: fuzzy Tiers Played: ORAS OU Timezone : UTC +1 Significant Time Missed?: No Have a nice day
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    ORAS OU Bolt Strikes! A Mega Manectric Team (Peaked #42)

    Hello, i'm bumping this, because I updated a few sets in the OP. If somebody still wants to leave a rate before Sun & Moon arrives (or even after), I welcome him/her to do so! Many thanks in advance. --> Now runs Ice Punch over Earthquake to target Grass and Flying Types more effectively. -->...
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    ORAS OU Dressed In Black [Peaked 2088 on ladder]

    Hello -Snow, thats a cool team you have there, congratulations and thanks for sharing it! I also want to say that I enjoyed reading your RMTs throughout ORAS. Onto the team: Have you ever considered running Suicune instead of Slowking? My main argument would be the better matchup against Dark...
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    Smogon's Official Ladder Tournament III - Round 3

    That was a good series! Good luck to you in the winners bracket and hopefully we'll see more from Wally The Bully in the losers bracket. Have a nice day
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    ORAS OU Bolt Strikes! A Mega Manectric Team (Peaked #42)

    Gregui, sorry for the late reply man! So i tried your Celebi set instead of Manaphy. And to be honest, the change didn't really help the team... While Celebi' Typing wasn't as bad as I supected (its good against those Sand and Rain teams), it just felt pretty medicore overall in the OU...
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    ORAS OU Bolt Strikes! A Mega Manectric Team (Peaked #42)

    Thank you for your rate Gregui! I like the Celebi set a lot: Nasty Plot Celebi indeed threatens defensive teams and is still bulky enough to take hits. Plus Healing Wish would really benefit the other members. However, Grass isn't a good offensive Type and even with the coverage, Celebi gets...
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    ORAS OU Bolt Strikes! A Mega Manectric Team (Peaked #42)

    Introduction: Hello, today i'm presenting you a Mega Manectric team that i've been using the past months. I feel pretty comfortable playing with it, achieving a Top 50 spot with an Elo of 1915 and a 83.3% GXE on the Pokémon Showdown! Ladder (Proof of peak: After...
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    Resource OU Bazaar

    Hey, here's a team around Mega-Swampert. I wanted to try a defensive Ground type not weak to Ice. The Special Defense investment is to take on Electrics and stuff like Mega-Diancie a bit better. Rock Tomb is mainly for Mega-Pinsir and regular Gyarados, so it can't set-up too much, since RT...
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    The World Cup of Pokémon XI - Round 2

    Good luck to my fellow germans! Have a nice day
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    WCop XI General Talk Thread

    Shouldn't there be a Team Latin America similar to Team Europe? People from Colombia, Peru, Argentinia, Uruguay etc. need a default representation as well. Have a nice day
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    Smogon Grand Slam IV - Play-offs - No Winner

    WhiteQueen, how about you and me go on and make it your prime goal to promote Fairplay in this lovely place? Wouldn't that be a meaningful occupation!? I can't do it alone, i need you! Have a nice day edit: Back off Tobes, no need to insult me.
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    Smogon Grand Slam IV - Play-offs - No Winner

    I usually don't post, but i've to say that this is really disappointing. It should be common sense within the community, that you have to fight and prepare for your matches on your own (it's as simple as that). However, i'm glad to see that there are unbiased TDs who take action, whenever a...
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    ORAS OU Diancie the Flame v2 (peak #15)

    I see, thanks for the informative response. The thing is that i recently build a team quite similiar to yours (M-Diancie/Ferrothorn/Talonflame/Starmie/Garchomp/Dragonite). Garchomp and Dragonite weren't working to good on this build, because they left me weak to Stall and Offensive alike. My...