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  • Look Gamein99, I'm happy to help with VGC requests, but you have been asking for Pokemon from me for nearly 2 months now. I'm going to have to cut the cord. If you wish to get a hold of my stuff, I have everything you would need in .pkm format with an accompanying guide on how to transfer them as legal clones to your cartridge. Please try that for future requests.
    How about these?

    Defense mode Deoxys (Calm and Bold)
    Shiny ditto (Fire and Ground HP)
    Shiny Cobalion
    Shaymin with fire hp
    Shiny Eevee (Umbreon)
    Shiny Klingklang
    Shiny Tirtouga (Careful and Adamant)
    Shiny Baltoy
    Dream World Blaziken
    Shiny Electrike with grass hp and lightning rod
    Naive Deoxys (with Meteor Mash)
    hmmm..... Some of those pokemon on pm that you were asking are non-redis and are very common. You should probably ask for some rare pokemon that are fully redis on my thread like that dream world blaziken.
    I have
    Lvl41 slowbro calm don't kno iv and no evs (u said u wanted one)
    I have a smeargle if u want it for egg uses
    Idk from Wat I'm offering u can tell I don't have much
    Trust me, I hate Nexus too.

    Because I was very angry at him for putting me on his so called Idiot list on his giveaway when i was trying to compete. I did read his rules on his giveaway no doubt but i thought he would make an exception for me to compete since I just got myself off of the blacklist (even after how hard and how much effort I've put to get myself off) (before he became a mod) and yet he still treats me like crap and that's when I started hating him and made a comment on the SQSR thread to other members that I personally don't think he deserves to be a mod at all. :(

    EDIT: And that was the day when I lost my sense of excitement and happiness. So I stopped trusting internet users and stopped believing that people on the internet are friendly, and started believing that everyone on the internet against me and trying to take advantage of me.

    I just only wish that he and I can work it out and hear him say he is sorry so I can forget about the past.
    I'm afraid i can't.

    Only a moderator of somgon like Shii and Expert evan have the power to delete posts.
    Sorry I haven't replied! My friends are all graduating so I've been all over the place lately. ;-;

    Anyways can I trade for that Conkeldurr actually? If you don't mind.
    Hmm, maybe 11-12am EST? (In around 5 hours). I'm going out in a a while, so I don't know when I'll be back.
    And yes, Just pick 10 fully redis pokemon from my thread, and I'll trade them to you next week. ;)

    I'll tell you about the white list next week.
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