• Round Two (Semi-Finals)

    Now that Round One is over we now are in Round Two! There is no change in the rules. You do not have to use the same team you used in Round One. There will be a week for you all to complete your matches. As with Round One, if there is any reason you cannot meet this deadline let me know.
    Report your battles here.

    Good luck and...
    Commence Round Two!
    Sorry for the delay, you can have the win, I have to lock down for more AP test, good luck with the tourney
    Battle Tower Tournament Update:

    If you do not either signify your presence in the Tournament thread or complete your battle by the end of the week you will be disqualified from the Battle Tower (OU) Tournament.

    I just want to say, as an American--not all of us are stupid. I will agree that most are but such sweeping generalizations ill-befit an intelligent conversation. There is a 99/1% split here with stupid/intelligent, but the 1% does exist.
    Plus we have intelligence-abhorring leaders that constantly cut our education
    Just saying
    I have paired you to battle Dark Pulse in the Tier Boss Tournament thread. Look there for the match-ups. They are at the bottom of the first post
    Are you going to battle Dark Pulse? if you do not respond to his contact you will be terminated from the Tournament.
    I have not done a league or Frontier in a pretty long time.
    Seems fun, but I have Battling101 for like the next 4 weeks.
    Tower Tourney Participant,

    Now that we have reached the desired number of contestants it is officially time to begin Round One of the Tournament to decide the Salon Master. To advance you must defeat your opponent in however many battles you agree on. First goes or best out of three does not matter as long as the two of you have agreed on it before hand.
    Save replays of your battles in the event that a disagreement breaks out and the battle will need to be reviewed.
    Round One will last for two weeks. Have your battles done by then or you will be disqualified. Post in the thread that will be alloted to Round One that you have contacted your opponent before you battle as is standard Smogon Tournamen procedure. However, if there are circumstances that make this deadline impossible, let me know and I will be happy to adjust.

    Good Luck!
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    I am open for the Tier Boss battle any time after Thursday at 4:40 PM (Final Exams and stuff). When are you going to be on Pokemon Showdown so I know when to get on?
    Oh, Pokemon Showdown doesn't work on my computer. It used to, but now it doesn't even load the page anymore. I wish it worked, but those days are GONE! I'm sorry about that.
    WELL... that's kind of a stretch. Sometimes I am, but other times... well, I can be really bad. It's not usually that there's anything wrong with my team, but... I usually over-predict. Sometimes, one over prediction leads to my miserable demise. So, I can be, but not always. I'm the very best at triple battles, but few people enjoy those. In triples, I can wreck! (Provided I'm using a finished, team [not one that I'm experimenting with.])
    No, regular Wi-Fi. There was only one instance of hax in the battle, and that was at the end, where it actually, I don't think, mattered. It would have just made the battle A LOT closer.
    Oh no, he hasn't uploaded it. I don't even know if he will. It was OU. I'm uploading it though, but I don't know if he'll upload it. I had a team of all shinies; Gorebyss, Breloom, Drapion, Heatran, Azelf, and Ferrothorn.
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