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  • haha thanks. they should be on the 1st giveaway post.
    and someone else is currently the male snorunt at the moment
    Cool Beanssssss!!!
    Ok if you like you can do both! For now Ill make you SIM
    Alright take your time and when your ready Ill put you on the Official List!!!
    Idk about Pokesav :| sorry
    Alright Ghost it is!!!
    Also you said Wifi right?
    Just let me know which Trainer Sprite you want to represent you also your favorite pokemon for your Ghost team to stand with you!
    Will have the rules up soon!
    As I said, I will talk to Echo about rules and everything else to begin the battles.

    The conclusions of that talk will be posted on Team Plasma.
    The rules will be standard for everyone I think (I will discuss it right away with Echo).

    You have to have a team ready for each Gen. You're lucky because Gen 5 brought us 3 great Ghost-types!
    When you have your team ready, choose a sprite from the games (that isn't already chosen) and a poke from your team and Echo will post them there.
    Hey! Welcome to Team Plasma!
    If you look at Echo's last post, you can see the available types. I recommend you Bug-type because you have Scizor, Heracross, Foretress and Yanmega at your service to name a few. You will have to work around the major Fire weakness though.
    You may wanna think about lead Butterfree, Shuckle and Armaldo too for 4th Gen.
    And Denchura, Agirudaa and Ulgamoth for 5th Gen.
    Alrighty heres whats open...
    Normal - Normal could...umm...just forget Normal...
    Bug - Theirs actually a few good bugs Example: Scizor, Heracross just be careful!
    Ice - Is a good type! Alot of types are weak against it!
    Grass - Grass is open!...its really...grassy..and stuff..idk to me it just dosent seem..scary
    Ghost - A fairly good type just not to many of them but still a threat to any other type
    Yup! There you go! Honestly theirs still a few good types in there. So your in good shape! ^_^
    No Prob ^_^
    TP is kinda quiet right now everyones finishing up classes and school so bare with it, it gets much more active at night and weekends
    -Lux-, zdrup15, ShinyAzelf, Wrecky, outrageousdragondancer, Granstafer , Server_Crash
    There pretty cool and funny just let em know your new and stuff youll fit right in
    No Prob
    Actually my Mac cant handle Sims for some reason which is really really really sad lol -_-
    So till i figure out whats going on im strictly wifi :|
    Still good to have you!
    Again if you ever need anything dont hesitate to ask!
    :P yea they are there actually getting teams together now
    Ill get a list together and let you know which type is available
    Also if you have wifi you can challenge me to a special battle and if you win get a promotion ^_^
    Yo! Whats up Lieutenant! ^_^
    Sadly ground is taken :| But heres the Offical Team Plasma Gym Leaders
    What ever type you dont see is open sorry if theres nothing good left they went fast
    Nm, you? I cant really stay online for a long period of time but I can help with more specific if you have any. But if you're going for shiny you will need your SID.
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