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  • Well I'm a pretty patient person, but I won't stand by and watch as my character is being degraded by the second with vile ideas.
    ...True, you are a Haunter, after all...

    Still, I really didn't mean to imply anything like that. I don't care about that sort of thing, anyway...
    "Oh shit, False basically just implied, Tits or GTFO. Sly mother fucker."

    What? That's not at all what I was implying! Talk about having a twisted mind... I can't stand people who only think like that...
    I'm a Hardcore Sadist. To the extent where I just want to hurt or make people feel emotional, physical, & mental pain just to get a laugh out of it.
    true. LOL thanks for the speech.
    It is true rain and sun are pretty straightfoward in build and lack originality.
    But I was just saying Sand and Hail are super easy to construct
    I have used it a bit in Ubers. Its good in ubers because it outspeed practically every dragon not named Lati Twins, Palkia, or nostalgic ScarfChomp fans (LIKE ME), and 2HKOs (at worst) everything. And U-Turn is just BOSS. But since OU has gotten faster I feel Gene just could fit in better. Maybe in 6th Gen they'll allow it in OU again *hopes*
    Tyranitar is my choice for Sandstream. Honestly, no one in my mind can do that job any better.
    For Hail ... I'll probably use Kyurem-B or something hahahaha
    But honestly. I got two shitty weathers ]:
    Low numbers of abusers and recoil effects? Sigh...
    Hey you know? I think Genesect should be brought back to OU. Specially defensive Heatran litterally went TROLOLOLOL at it all day long. Even offensive Volcarona isnt OHKOed by +1 of any of its common moves, and after SR, Volcy has more than a 50% chance to live and KO Gene with STAB Fiery Dance/Fire Blast/Flamethrower

    Some of the most common scarfers can blast past even Scarf variants, and slower scarfers, like scarfmence would become more viable, as it outspeeds Scarfsect and OHKOs with Fire Blast.

    If you put it in rain, you basically gave it a second weakness (to water) and did like nothing to the fire weakness.

    I understand Download was a cray cray ability, but many things could potentially beat Genesect.
    To be honest, I'm ready for Friday LOL...ish
    I have half a team due to a rebuild from previous testing and such.
    Well, since you're obviously very keen on finding out who I am, I suppose I'll give you something.

    My real name is Jonathan. Does that satisfy you at all?
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