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  • Hey, GearFlow, SoulWind johned me in a battle, as he's known for doing to people often. I really wanted to play, so it was unfortunate. Hope you're doin well, friend. I miss playing with you. So when you get back on and see this message, we should start up a clan with Joey, and the like, and other people as well, to get the comp scene hoppin' again like wild rabbits. -Deschutes
    hi gearflow i beat my opponent for the tagteam battle with my new team sry it isnt one of the ones u gave me but this one rly works so its up to u to beat ur opponent
    The difference between me calling people out for making posts and you calling me out on my profile is that when you make a post on a discussion based forum you are effectively inviting a response from others, whereas you are simply "harassing me".
    did it ever occur to you that i don't really care what people on a pokemon website think of me? every "fight" has been as a result of someone else posting something that was unecessary or just wrong and me calling them out on it. "get a life", i loled, internet is internet not real life, i dont need any internet pokemon buddies because i have real ones. also amusing is your comment "its fucking sad really" NEWSFLASH: WE ARE ON A POKEMON WEBSITE PLAYING A GAME DESIGNED FOR 8 year olds. Unless you want to make a relevant comment instead of a petty little insult i suggest you save your breath because i dont care.
    the guy made a condescending comment, about not meeting timid 3 attacks heatran, when the set that was posted was some random LO 2 fire attacks, doesnt take a genius to figure out that set isnt standard or common. These forums are a heap of shit, the amount of retards posting stupid stuff is unreal, i corrected him with a tone similar to his own original post and befitting the content, i dont quite see the problem. if you want to call me out on that go ahead, thats cool, my comment probably was a bit too severe, but please dont try to suggest what i was saying was wrong, because we both know that set is never used, for obvious reasons.
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