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  • I'm currently trading another user a couple of Heavy Balls, I'll stay online and send you a trade request immediately once I'm done.
    Hey, Im gonna be gone for a while, I have to work a bunch a bunch of overtime and stuff to replace my DS that I lost, sorry about that
    I'm afraid that 10 EST is a bit late for me. However feel free to deposit a junk Pokémon on the GTS asking for a Garchomp Level 91 or higher and I'll trade it to you once I wake up.
    I'm probably off all day except a half hour at some point. I've got auditions today and Thursday but tomorrow I'll do Breeding stuff.
    For the heavy ball, would you prefer if I send it via GTS, or direct trade?

    If GTS, upload something asking for a lv 52 Male Scyther and post your IGN and the Pokemon here. If direct, I'll add you and hop online. :)
    When you finally get back into competitive, but you have a job, school, and social obligations.
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