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  • Yes, that's how people breed for LC really. =P Both parents need to know the moves when put into the daycare that you want to pass on. And only moves that it can learn if leveling up will be passed on.

    And I don't mind about Grumpig, do whatever! ^^ Timid perhaps.. Female ofc!
    If both parents have a level up move.. such as Quick Attack, Bite and Helping Hand.. and then the male with Yawn. The moves will pass on to the baby.
    Hm... How about a Grumpig? lol I've no idea what egg moves or abilities are good, surprise me! ;) As long as it's female with egg moves, nature and everything that is useful ! =P
    lol yes it's for Little Cup. =) Needs to be jolly, female with adaptability! And Just Quick Attack, Bite, Yawn and Helping Hand is fine by me. lol
    Hehe well how do you think I got my needs and wants so quickly! ;) I had like.. over a hundred wants. lol And my thread has a looooad of posts! (many of which are my responses as well!) I'd like a Jolly, female Eevee with level up moves Quick Attack, Bite aaand.. Yawn and Baton Pass?
    Well..erm I'm not likely to be needing Tentacool anymore then. lol Perhaps a Little Cup-bred Eevee. ^^
    Haha thank you. =P I'd like it to be a bit of a tank/annoyer. ^^ Actually Safeguard + Confuse ray would be awesome too.. or haze + safeguard. =) What combinations of those are possible?
    lol indeed, I would be lost without mine too! =P Oh and ability I think I'd prefer Clear body for no reduced stats?
    Would you be able to breed a Tentacool for me then? ^^ Bold with Haze and or Confuse Ray if possible as egg moves? Female and nonshiny ofc!
    lol I'm sorry. Maybe I should think of something else I'd like that can be bred and have some fancy egg move. ^^ I was wondering if you'd quit Pokémon or something, haven't heard from you in a while! Do you know how to RNG abuse in HG/SS yet?
    Well, I would like a Tentacool and a Poliwag as well but I think they'd have to be Capture Projects to be in pretty balls. ^^ A tentacool would look awesome in a Great Ball! And Poliwag Dvie Ball or a Nest Ball. =)
    Hehe alright then. ^^ Well good luck with the Emerald Breeding! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it! =] I heard it's supposed to be quite simple... I've never gotten into RNG catching myself, though it'd be a good thing to learn I suppose. lol I like my breeding atm though!
    Don't worry about Skitty. =) If it's hard work. Budew can be caught in platinum. ^^ Eppie seems to be trading it to me. lol
    Hey there. ^^ You know I have a few left-over credits with you, I've got a few other wants, care to take a look? =) There's a link in my signature directly to my wants!
    Lol i thought i was the only person who thought that way.Everytime my B-day comes i think is this my last one?
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