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  • K my last poke was Leafeon and with Poison it would get wrecked sooner or later. x)
    Hey! Thanks! Most people would have complained about the hax so I just apologized just in case.

    Haha, that Slaking was incredibly difficult to break. I am surprised that you use encore on a scarf set though. Then again, a fast encore does have its merits.

    I was debating whether or not I should psychic or SR on the first team, given that your lead could be focus sashed. So I got a bit lucky there.

    Great game: ) It was fun. We shall play again.
    Oh man, sorry for all the crits man.
    A completely physical team is pretty useless I just realized.
    And I forgot to attach left over onto my Arcanine: (
    I didn't say you didn't win. It's just that I hate people who thinking high almighty over me. Nothing else.
    The only thing I wanted is that you understand that you got that win by my mistakes. Nothing else.
    Now you're just stating that my Pokémon is standard. Not my team. And Venusaur and Milotic are UU, deal with it.
    How can that be standard? I want one reason to it. And why can't you face off with Venusaur and Milotic?
    Quite an attitude change. You are taking this too seriously. I had no advantage over you in that battle, if anything you had the advantage as I threw 6 pokemon together while you had a proper team. I do not intend offense, but your actions seem more "cowardly" than my own. You cannot rely upon specific pokemon to win you battles.

    You have only yourself to blame for your loss. You used standard sets and were regularly outpredicted.

    Again, I have no quarrel with you, I only ask you objectively view the situation.
    Yeah, yeah. What ever. It wasn't a good battle. First of all, I pressed wrong when I used my Dugtrio and second I'm used to have Venusaur on my team.
    I saw in your sig that you don't want us to use Venusaur, correct? Because I usually use one.
    Ohhh. Sorry if I misused qwilfish on my team. :(
    I didn't realize how heavily reliant I was on rotom with this team. I guess I needto make some changes somewhere and see how it functions that way to make better synergy.

    But what's this about venusaur and milotic?
    Was that really the match? I thought there was a way of comeback :(. Could I get your opinion on my team?

    It consists of:
    subcharge rotom
    spin claydol
    LO sceptile
    Mixsweeper priority blaziken
    CB slaking (I was inspired to use one by you :)
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