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  • On and waiting dude. Btw if you can, could you tell me what to improve on my team to make it better :)
    I just recently started suing Venusaur as a lead and I sincerely love using it as such. It can deal with most leads accordingly except for maybe Moltres and Ambipom and they are both perfectly counterable. The only risk that I have to go through is a sleep powder missing.

    But yeah, I love Venusaur too: ) It's very versatile and unpredictable. I am glad that you packed a sleep talker; that caught me by surprise.

    Let's play some other time.
    What do you think of this so far?

    Utility Omastar(Lead)
    CB Blaziken
    LO Spec. Sweeper Venus
    SubCharge Rotom?

    Do you think this is good enough and what should I add or change up to make this team Efficient?
    I totally agree on that with swellow. I think I may definitely need to make some changes to somehow make this team a lot better than how it is now because for starters I have no way of effectively getting SR or spikes up as you did with your qwilfish. I also think this team does not have much power to it or an effective way of gaining momentum. Would you recommend any changes?

    As for sceptile, it really does seem to pack a punch with leaf storm without choice specs and yeah probopass seems to work miracles for your team.
    Ehh yeah. It was a pretty great match overall IMO. I agree I guess though I thought you would've been able to stall me out with probopass but I looked at it wrong. GG~
    Gg man, some bad luck there missing leaf storm 2 times in a row but i guess it didn't matter that much in the long run.
    I don't play much UU... Blastoise and lapras are there since I have nothing else to replace them.... they're really part of my monotype team... arcanine has iron head over iron tail due to better accuracy+ flich hax.... pikachu is an experiment at the moment... only use since light ball+ok attack+volt tackle can equal good damage if it outspeeds... shiftry... again... have nothing else to fill its shoes... may make new set... and EV it correctly... extrasensory is worth keeping somewhat but the only real purpose faint attack serves (basically none) is to hit things with STAB like haunter which is immune to other attacks.
    No it was holding a magnet for waters lol... yes I would love any help with my teams you could give.
    Yea it was the haxiest for me as well... sorry... I'm only running early bird since I don't use that thing much and it had that when i caught it.
    True, but i did miss that overheat on it so i guess that would count for 1 parahax but 2 of them was kinda lame,
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