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  • Hi, Wally. I'm not really doing any trading right now. I'm just very busy with other stuff. Sorry.
    It's the same, except there's not a good way to verify you hit your seed. You would have to catch a wild pokemon and check its IV's, then see what seed you landed on through rng reporter. If you're trying to rng a stationary legend, then you have to calibrate as close as possible, then just keep trying until you get the right IV's and nature. Also, advancing the frame is more annoying, I think. You can use repels to keep track of your steps. :) Hope that helps, sorry it was kinda disorganized. ^^'
    Hey wally haven't talked to you in a long time thought i would come scribble stuff on your wall :p Let's play pokemon again sometime ^^
    Well I didn't call Lance, I actually used a rebattle code so I didn't have to advance the frame in front of the Elite 4.
    I would just do Joey calls to be safe. The radio is too risky and it could throw your frames too far off.

    The Latios was certainly hard to RNG indeed. :)
    Omg, you know what, I was editing my thread to put my own Lugia in it, and there I found your Lugia xD
    Yes please :) I just hit my delay, which I checked with Elm Responses. I'm outside of Lugia's room, because inside I cannot make any phone calls, so I cannot check if I hit my delay. I'm faced towards the entrance, and the spread I want is on frame 48. Now what? I'm at frame 9 now
    Hey, I'm not available at the current moment, but if you're willing to wait a few days I'd be happy to make you banners once I have taken care of my other clients =]
    Assuming you are on VBA...

    1. Have the arrow pointed at sweet scent, and wait for the time to come.
    2. When you are near the target (10 seconds or so), hit Ctrl + P to pause and save the game (Shift + F1-F10)
    3. Hold Z or whatever you set A as, and hit Ctrl + P to unpause.
    4. Check which frame the Pokemon from.

    Any problems?
    Yeah sure, right now?
    Which Squirtle?
    I have 1 with Mirror Coat, Counter, Seismic Toss, Dynamic Punch.
    And another one with Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Counter, Body Slam.
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