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  • Hi! No I haven't done anything to it ^^ Not sure if you've got this message, posted as a reply on my wall. Still need to figure out how this new forum works lol
    Hi CMT for:

    Timid - Adaptability | 31-31-31-31-31-31
    Moves: Wish - Curse - Fake Tears - Yawn
    Available: Level 1 UT
    Heya! I'm on vacation and I think I would be able to trade :D I'm off from work until Sunday. I'd be online 24/7 (or as much as I can) and will hope to catch you online, too!
    First person that came to mind was Buckert... He's the only I know (excluding you, of course) now who is still present here.
    I'm not a .pkm fan though. I think we should "hire" someone to be a bridge @_@ And yes, stupid timezones.
    Arrr. Damn, I just missed you again >_< Judging by the time, it is 2 am from where you are in... What time would you be up? o:
    What time would you be online, by the way? I am guessing I would be up until 12mn GMT+8.
    Are you at work right now? If yes, then web are totally on the opposite :< I'm currently on my way home.
    Ah damn, I missed you getting online. I didn't forget about our trade (I swear!), I just got home from work.
    Let's see... What time is it in GMT+8 on UTC-6 evening? @_@ I am nub with timezones.

    Edit: I assumed evening would start at 8PM, so that would be 10AM in my time. Sounds great! :D
    I have anorith / corpish / dratini / exggcute / lickitung / pidgey / sentret / slowpoke / staravia / swablu / tangela / vulpix
    By the way, do you happen to have any cloning or IV check codes for BW2? Can't seem to find them :(
    Oh great ^^ I just fixed my DS Lite, top screen was broken. But if captures isn't that much of a difference, then I'll just give it a try. :D
    Nice job on capturing those 3 legendaries ^^ Isn't RNG abusing on BW2 harder then on BW? And, what kind of DS do you use? I really want to get back into abusing again ^^
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