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  • lol I can play pretty much whenever today in about an hour from now, if you can play anytime then, let me know.
    tomorrow? I won't be able to then, I have class, I can play today but I'll be pretty busy tomorrow
    Can you play today at 20:00 my time? I might be busy tomorrow around that time so I would prefer to get it done today, but if that's the only time you can play, then I might be able to
    I can play anytime tonight, or I can play tomorrow anytime after 2:00 pm my time
    I can play now but only if we play like right now because I have class in 30 minutes. Otherwise, I won't be able to play until 25:00 your time
    Ill be on most of the night tonight if you can play. otherwise, we can play tomorrow if you give me a time
    Under which nickname ? I have been on grotto too for one hour, just pm me there lol
    If you happen to get on im on grotto, and i should be here as well for next smogon tour
    I'll be out of town most of the day =/, I can do early afternoon my time, maybe around 12-1 pm if you can do it then. Otherwise, I can play tonight whenever or Sunday after around 6 my time
    That was more difficult than expected. When (precisely) would you be available to play now :o
    I'm gmt+2
    hey man, I can't play today until after 8 pm CST, but I can play pretty much anytime tomorrow if you can play then.
    I can't give you a fixed time, but just check your VMs when you're online and i'll catch you. We have time anyway :)
    oof, that won't work for me because i'll be at tennis practice. will 18:00 work?
    im gmt -5, the best times for me are thursday / friday between 6-10 p.m. my time, or saturday and sunday (all day except a few hours)
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