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  • Yeah, Gary makes some really good teams. He helped me out with a team once, and it's amazing.

    I've actually used Focus Punch Breloom before, and I must say it's quite fun. Breloom gets a lot of free turns thanks to it's Spore and fear factor, so pulling of a Focus Punch is pretty easy. And it seriously hurts. Not to mention, you can use it with either Technician for more offensive abilities or Substitute and Poison Heal to have more survivability and attacking opportunities. Pick your poison. : )
    Yeah, but I don't think all those people who luvdisc'd at the first sight of it took the time to look at all the little details of it.
    Have to agree there... I get a little jealous whenever one of the mods posts a team and immediately has 30 luvdiscs...
    If I had a dollar for every time someones first post was their superamazingundefeated RMT...

    But yeah, the RMT section is clustered with new members, probably because, as you said, they want help, but for some it's a way of showing off their "genius."
    Yeah, I figured you probably had a good deal of experience. Good job on having the patience to learn everything before actually joining and posting! Not a lot of people do that, you know...
    Thanks! Nice to know people like what I have to say!

    Honestly, I can say the same thing about you. You only joined recently, yet you've demonstrated very strong knowledge of competitive battling in you posts overall. It's really rare for someone to join with so much prior knowledge.
    Thanks for friending me! Out of curiosity, why'd you send me a friend request? I don't recall us interacting much in the past.
    I'm gmt +1. Im usually on #RateMyTeam or #Pokemon on IRC so once you're ready to battle you can find me there.
    Yes I am! I've been having really bad internet issues lately, and YouTube refuses to cooperate with it, but I think I might be able to get a video up tomorrow. Thanks for checking me out dude!
    I'm assuming you mean today, just over one hour from now. If so, I'd rather battle a bit later on, or maybe tomorrow if that's ok with you.
    Hey, we're battling for the OU mini tour, I'm GMT + 13:00 and I can battle all day tomorrow and the next day.
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