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  • hey hamstern ^^ haha yeah since I joined smogon I've kept the same avatar since I thought it was unique hehe good to see someone likes it!

    btw I <3 your hamster album... especially the one holding da trophy :P
    Awww Hamstern your hamsters are really cute... I love those two in the second picture. ^_^ <3

    I wish I could have one too... :(
    Hmm, if I scream "HÅÅÅLL KÄÄÄÄFTEN!!!!!" (=Shut up) at my Fire alarm it stop shouting :) But seriosly it was funny cause next time it started to shout I took a breath to be able to scream again and it stopped right away xD
    Yo, I'm fine. I just got home and have taken an mandatory shower after a study trip to a cow farm, lol xD
    Dammit, you lost the last note I wrote for you D:

    hi Hamster! :D <3
    Once again I'm the first :3
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