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  • Got done with things earlier than expected. You you already got a Shelgon from Pokecheck and you don't need trading?

    Well make sure to find a way to remove the ribbon, or else it can't be used on Wi-Fi
    Hey I can trade now if you want. I EV train with Pokerus and then wild battles, not infinite feathers and vitamins if that's okay with you.

    FC: 3052-8790-3261
    Hey I'm sorry I missed you today, I'll definitely be on anytime after 2 PM EST tomorrow.
    Uhhh I don't really have time to train your guy until probably Monday. Can you wait until then?
    yeah I would come back to trading but since pokecheck came around and everyone just gives away their pokemon it's kind of pointless you know
    since you dont answer your trade thread here is what i posted there

    where are all your pokemons? im still trading on BW so if you have anything else other them the gorebyss and the bagon we might set up a trade
    Okay, seems easy enough. Would you like me to evolve it into Salamence, too? I also have every TM in BW1 and the BW2 move tutors, so I could probably give it any competitively relevant move set you may want.
    Hello there. It has been a while and I see you've gotten a name change. I saw that you ran Marsha D teach thread which does ring a bell but sadly i can't put my finger on username.
    Yes, as long as you give credit (ID and trainer) to me as the RNG'er. Other than that, go nuts.
    I already have a flawless shiny naive moxiemence :( sorry. I am only looking for 2 pokemkn currently and that's a lonely, flawless kyurem and an adamant flawless event victini with vcreate and fusion bolt
    Of course, provided we have no internet connection issues. I've managed to trade successfully following our failure, so I don't think it was anything on my end. I'll be online in about 10 minutes or so.
    Unfortunately, I don't think it's gonna happen tonight. I'm pretty sure it's not my connection, seeing as I had no problems trading just a bit ago, but I'll double-check later just to make sure. I apologize for the inconvenience caused - I will keep your bagon until we can trade again.
    I hope your C-Gear is turned off, by the way - some people reported it interfering with their WFC connectivity.
    Considering I was trading just fine before, no. I'm not quite sure why we can't connect - have you recently traded with anyone? Did you have similar problems?
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