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  • Well, I'm waiting! I hope you're using my Black friendcode, not my White 2 on - seems you're still not here. :)
    It's ready. I'll use the FC found in your signature. Please use my Black friend code for the trade - that's where the magic happens. I'll be waiting online for the next 15 minutes or so.
    Just to clarify before I begin - do you want its dream world ability or no? If this is for Salamence, I would've thought intimidate is more useful on defensive sets; but I guess a shellgon would get more use out of overcoat.
    *It's also gonna be female, just so you have access to it's Dream World ability for your own breeding purposes.
    Right-o. You'll have to EV train yourself, but I'll have your Impish MoxieMence ready in about an hour's time.
    I'll admit that I'm a little confused. If you're asking for "defensive sets" as seen in


    then you're shit out of luck, because the key component of those sets is Wish, which was a distributed event move that I don't have access to. None of these require Salamence's dream world abilities, anyway, as they're incompatible with transfers from previous generations.

    Look, just tell me the nature and gender to shoot for, and I'll get to work. :P
    That gives me very little indication as to what nature and spread you want. You want it flawless, then (31/31/31/31/31/31)? I don't use Salamence/Shellgon myself, and I haven't been playing much competitively until my White 2 arrived, so I have no idea what nature you're requesting. "Any set is fine" kind of screws me over because I can literally get you any set you want - it's a question of your personal preference.
    Well, I'm feeling in a good mood, despite having to re-RNG my Abra yesterday (after mistaking my needed Hidden Power spread), so tell ya what - I'll do you one on the house. If you've got anything semi-rare, like DW females, I'll gladly take one as recompense (IVs/nature don't matter), but otherwise, this one's a treat.

    Just give me the IV spread (or Hidden Power preference, if any), nature, ability (I'm assuming you want Sheer Force ---> MoxieMence) and gender, and I'll get to it.
    Hey there! Yes, I do - I've recently had to RNG one for another user, so I have a perfect one for my breeding stock. What's up?
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