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  • What's with your connection? This is the 2nd time it dropped. Also what's the ev spread on that lefeon it took a life orb megahorn from my jolly rhyperior like a beast. I want one like that.
    LOOOOL!!!! you kinda had a nice team compared to mine! oh well I changed to SS like a week ago or something, on my platinum I had like 200 pokes or something! It was really fun! My connection it allways 3 bars so... but that is strange! well ok break something loool
    well in Portugal is 3h46am day one! lol I have 61 I choose: 13, 20, 21, 63, 70, 85
    well ok! since i'm doing nothing and stuff! it's like 3h42 am and i'm with no sleep!
    well I'm not really hopping to get one but ok! loool yeah you had me i misclick that psychic it should be calm mind of cours! i was surprised too, that was a bad ass sandslash!
    yeah GG! I was going to switch on that turn but yeah you probably had me
    Hey, I saw you have a YouTube account as well. We could probably do a sub 4 sub. It would defenitely help us both.
    lol funny thing is i didn't used to have wi fi either and had to do the same thing so i know how feel XD
    Have you been getting some? I only ask because you sound pretty upset, you maybe try to reset you internet setup. I haven't gotten lag out since i started playing online again a few days ago, but nintendo is always possible too. Either way it was still fun match and was going to be very close XD If you want to play match again sometime feel free to come and ask me, i like to play in any Tier except Ubers, but i prefer UU or NU, or Mixes of any tiers.
    My Ludicolo heard me AGAIN and lived with 1hp no lie and surfed I kissed the screen as he died to the poison, I love Ludi :)
    My Ludicolo heard me complaining about the Protecting Leafeon and answered with a crit on Lanturn for u stalling HAHA gg's and yea thats was a lucky crit but i had alof of answers for ur team that game. i brought the wrong Venusaur, that was my sunndy day Venusuar, wasn tryna drag it out there just put the sunny day up to lower ur aqua jet a lil in case u got crits and didn want Ambipom to die he is my fav :)
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