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  • im 'not a uu player' [username on shoddy since i battled you today :P] and one time you nearly blissey swept me but you forgot a move ;)

    dumb altaria surviving my hit T_T
    Thank you!! lol

    And I'm Brand New Eyes....the guy who got mega haxed by your Cacturne. =P
    To answer your question: I got that check mark to after voting Cresselia BL (see this thread) as recognition for the paragraphs I wrote on the issue. So yeah, pretty much.
    'Sup bro.

    You still haven't posted your Agilipass -> Mana idea in the Suspect thread, you should do that at some point it's an amazing strategy.
    Interesting set, but what if they use something like SR first turn as you Dbond then just 2KO you? I guess you can try MC/Countering them, but in that situation the best it ends for you is they get SR up and lose their lead while Wyn takes significant damage (maybe enough to make it not useful for the rest of the match). It seems like it's got some very nice surprise value, and could be fun for setting up a Drummer or something, but a good player should be able to beat it or stop it doing too much harm without much difficulty.

    As well as having problems with Taunt, sleep moves and people who SR first turn then attack (especially with mixed leads) it will not appreciate Trick. Still it could be a great lead sometimes against people who are not expecting it, especially if it's moved out of Ubers where Wobb lives.
    Yeah I saw you posting like 969546 times in the thread lol. I'm GMT -5 (US EST) and IDK when I'll be able to battle today or tomarrow (but still you can catch me on shoddy possibly as Delta 2777. or CAL-Delta 2777.) if I'm there. Otherwise Tuesday-Thursday I'll be on 3-5 PM and possibly later.
    I only wish I knew the full details. All I can tell you is what I've heard. I have been told that he was banned because he requested it after deciding to quit getting on Smogon. In case you didn't know, Jrrrrrr had a habit of rage quitting.
    unfortunately BlueKirby invaded the thread. Damage control locks were ingaged. However, you can still feel free to use a 'doof avatar.
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