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  • Aand I'm back from Sydney, message me when you get this and let me know when suits you :)
    lol, you have to be either pissed off or incredibly entertained with that god thread giga-argument you got 6-7 people to participate in
    Re this:Alright, to finish this response, I really have a genuine question that is not intended to offend anyone. Who decides what is symbolic and what is concrete in the Bible? How can you know what is to be interpretted and what is to be taken literally? And, how do you know that your interpretation is correct when the Bible does not state what is?

    I'm not a particularly religious person, though I have done more to study religion then most because I envy people's firm belief in a single semi-coherent religious school of thought. That be as it may, for any system of writing, as soon as it's out of the author's hands it's pretty much fair game. People just have to make the best decision and hope that it's correct.
    You could apply the same thing to the United States Constitution, as who actually gets to decide the things isn't listed in the constitution.
    I used to be The Swamp. You may or may not have seen me around. Also, I agreed with your arguments against DK, if that means anything. Of course, almost everybody argues against DK.
    hahaha, if anything I dug the grave from the beginning for such a scatterbrained OP, but whatever. firebot is not the place for nice things.
    This is something that gets suggested every now and then, tbh I dont think it is entirely necessary. The forum doesnt have a problem with over posting, and in general I think individual threads are better than megathreads unless they are getting in the way of everything else on the forum..

    Have a nice day.
    Have you come across This Is True?
    It's a weekly newsletter bringing stories you might not otherwise hear about. Some are lighthearted, but some are more serious. Relevantly, many are critical of the US school system, including school's attitudes to drugs. You might be interested.
    oh I didn't destroy it. supreme ruler of the internet did. there was nothing even remotely wrong with any of my posts, good sir.
    Best user on Smogon. Please keep annoying the shit out of Deck Knight.
    Of it's fine! and yeah this was a very quick color. I've got work tomorrow so when I come home I've got some serious work to do! I need to complete 3 submissions!
    0645-6668-8706. PM me when you're up for a Brawl, I'll see when I'm available.

    I was thinking I'd just PM you some descriptions of the techs for you to try out. If you had anything different in mind, let me know.
    I can teach you some of the Brawl advanced techs if you want.

    Unfortunately, I can't use video, as I can't make my damn capture device work.

    I also need to know what character you main, as some techniques will take greater priority.
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