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  • But HP isn't always the best thing to boost, depending on how much a Pokemon has, right? I don't know.
    Bullet Punch
    Could Zen Headbutt work here? If not, what about Reflect or Light Screen?
    It is something similar to that. It is actually the burning ship fractal, which is the coolest fractal ever IMO.
    my description was simplified so the concept would be easier to grasp. but yeah, that sounds about right. the totality of effects would have to be calculated.
    I have never once seen Shedinja typoed / misspelled / mispronounced as Shedninja. As such, your signature confuses me.
    Yeah, that's true; but they're not rich within the Western world. They're probably better off in the USA than Australia, since to attend college at all usually requires hefty parental finance, whereas in Australia the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) means that anyone who completes High School basically has a chance.
    You are one of my favorite posters I've encountered on the internet. I don't say this because I adore trolling you or because you're a fog trotting idiot, but because you're interesting.

    Water "blasters" really?
    That is a possibility, but do you honestly see a use for that thread other than people being lazy?
    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Planck thread. Thanks.
    I am responsible for that Shedninja usage :P. I use a gimmick team, which has won 33-0, Shedninja is a key player :P, the team also features 2 FEAR pokemon [I made this team as a joke, yet it does well!]
    Oh really , that kinda sucks:(
    Il make sure soon after I get more pm's but that would be really sad:(
    About the tier argument, it would be my own post but I don't want people saying that "The same topic has been posted by someone else in three other forums by someone named Silva Velazquez because I'm Silva Velazquez." In Smogon, I'd be much more elaborate with my arguments unlike how I was in the other three communities.
    I was worried about rerailing the the legalization of cannabis thread, so I decided to respond directly to you :)

    If I don't play ball, I lose housing for three months, along with transportation, and a cell phone. The school and my custodary parent are currently working together, which has resulted in my mother supporting everything they say along with adding her own stipulations. And, even though I feel as if I'm being subjected to an absolute fuck-ton of bureaucratic bullshit, I think that everyone has my best interest in mind, as they all understandbly think that I snort cocaine.

    I really don't know what to do, to be honest. I think I'm cornered fairly well.
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