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  • Hey man. It's been a very long time. My buddy sent me his collection of photos from our youth, and among them was my venture at JAA Raleigh in 2006. I have shown my friends the pictures, and you came up because you helped me with my team. That tournament is a very important memory for me, and you helped make it happen. Thank you for your support, and I am glad you're still around.
    hey again, just letting you know i'll only be able to play today until about 6pm gmt+1 and wednesday from 3:30pm-6pm gmt+1
    hey, we got paired up for the vgc tour. i'm in gmt+1 and will be available friday / saturday night most likely. otherwise i'm at uni and don't have access to po/ps on campus, but i have ps access at the actual uni so yeah, lmk when you want to play
    damn sorry something came up and im not able to play atm, maybe in about an hour now, sorry
    Hi, we have to play for spl. If im not mistaken your timezone must be gmt-6. Then, does around 8:00 pm gmt+1 work for you today (saturday)?
    Yo skarm lets do it. iam quite busy this week though so i would prefer to have our battle at weekend saturday/sunday..i have gmt+1 but i should be online the whole day on IRC so you can easily catch me there. if i see you here this weekend i will write you a message then.

    ah and like true man and vets we should battle this on NB ;)
    Hi, we've to play for SPL. I'm GMT+1 and can play preferably in the afternoon and nights. When will you can play?
    hello, I can do this tomorrow,saturday or sunday after 7 p.m in my GMT (-2), just schedule one time my dear s2
    This may seem a bit late and out of the blue, but I just wanted to say: best of luck at worlds! :)
    Well that just goes to show how much I know. I assume Regina is bigger?
    Overall, though, coming from Southern Ontario that doesn't seem too huge to me.
    So do you come over to Toronto for VGC nationals?
    Nope, I just never though I'd see a Smogon mod from a small-ish place like Saskatoon. What's the pokemon community like over there?
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