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    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    haaaaaaaaaaay may i have my CT removed? thanks (: Done - Hootie
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    RU ORAS RU Cup I - Round 1

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    New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    hi, i would like to request my name be changed to Hopeee it's the name i use on PS and i don't particularly want this name anymore. thanks in advance!!! done - hikari
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    Gen 6 ORAS RU Cores

    the venusaur + regi spread at the bottom has venusaur's item being venusaurite, just fyi :)
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    where ya been

    where ya been
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    Garbodor [0/3]

    I'm on vacation this week and I won't be home till Friday. After that though I'm pretty free and I will finish it up then. sorry in advance
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    Project RU Type Cores - Week 3 (VOTING!)

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    Project ORAS Rarely Used Teambuilding Competition V5 [Week 31 -Voting]

    I think what some people seem to be misunderstanding is that all people aren't going to have the same success as others using the same team. People to enjoy using teams that fit their play style, and that may be reflected in the votes. In the end not all players are going to have the same...
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    Metagame RU Stage 17 Alt Identification Thread

    confirming as Fineon
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    Project RU Research Week (Articuno, Garbodor, Cofagrigus)

    Just a reminder to post your analysis of the mon you chose (even if it's a short paragraph) by Sunday morning :3