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  • You'll want to ask for trade requests in the wifi version of simple questions/answers, located in the orange island sub forum
    Well I could tutor it outrage but... Wouldn't that be a waste? The IVs aren't exactly perfect...
    Mhmm sure let me go check if I have a DW bagon to spare, if not I'll have to breed.
    Hey I can breed you a female DW bagon, got any shinies or a DW Dratini or anything of value to offer?
    Good enough. Ha, I thought you would respond on my profile, sorry for not seeing this right away. I'll head on Wi-Fi right now.

    EDIT: okay, so apparently there was a miscommunication; I never went on earlier cause I was looking for a VM on my profile. I will be available until noon tomorrow, GMT -4 (in the US, 12 noon EST), then I'm gone for most of the weekend, back sometime Sunday. I hope you didn't need that Choice Band immediately.
    Also, I don't have a DW Evee. I have an Evee that I can breed for a good nature but I won't know what the IV's are.
    We can do it today. If you want to give me something, then do you have a DW Evee with flawless IVs and a good nature?

    EDIT: One that's legal and RNGed for, not hacked or made from Pokegen/Pokesav. Even if you don't have it, I'll still help you out.
    Turns out I only have the Choice Band, but you can have that for free, since it's only an item. My White FC is 3052-8790-3261. If I'm on next time your are, we can trade then. If not, them VM/PM me with your FC and a good time that you can trade.
    I have a Choice Band I can trade you. Idk about an Air Balloon, but I'll check, I probably have enough BP for it.
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