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  • I don't check this page, if you want me to add you for Friend Safari send me a PM. Otherwise I won't see it.
    Hello Redshift, i looking for Ditto for my Friend Safari so please add me! :D
    Friend Code: 3067 - 5398 - 8959 I have Nincada - Palpitoad - Phanpy ;)
    Woah woah woah... If you want to add me, send me a PM. I don't check the profile posts at all.
    Can you please add me? My FC is 1848-2001-7506. I have Sandile, Vullaby, and Absol. Thanks!
    Would you be able to add me for FS? My FC is 0748-2790-6392, my Mii's name is Matt, and my in-game name is Tyrion. I have rock-type pokemon, and I can offer you an Adamant Larvitar with Stealth Rocks.
    My FC is 4854-6766-3007: Chansey Safari

    sorry for filling up 3DS data though
    Hi there buddy just added your friend code if ya could add me it would be much appreciated
    mine is 0705-2803-5539 and has lillipup,kecleon and chansey
    Hey man, I saw you have a ditto friend safari. I could really use the access to one. I think mine is fairy, but if you need something in particular from a safari let me know, I may have it. FC is 4270-0835-1493. I've got an old trade thread full of earlier gen stuff I could get you once pokebank comes out. Let me know, thanks!
    Greetings! Can we exchange friend codes for safari? I would be much obliged, been lookin for a ditto safari. My FC is 0361-7330-0756
    Thank you!

    It seems we have the same birthday and both in SoCal! Nice!
    Please add my FC is 4227-1979-6216 and I have Fraxure, Noibat and Druddigon in my safari .
    Hi, this is my Friend Code, I have a Fighting safari with Pancham Meditite and Hariyama
    0447 5661 1020
    Thanks :)
    My fc is 0430-8340-3876. My Friend safari is ground with wooper, Marowak and Diggersby. Thank you very much bro :D
    Hello there l2edshift, I wanted to add your FC, I have Ponyta, Pyroar and Braixen on my FC. it is 4871-3982-0881
    Considering buying a 3DS XL and playing X/Y.... Haven't played Pokemon since RSE.. Somebody convince me to go drop $250 to play one game LOL
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