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  • I'm adding your FC now. The original Pokemon is going to be the FIRST pokemon I trade you, since I'm too lazy to make marks on Pokemon.
    Omg, are you like, sent from heaven? xD
    And I get semi redis rights on all of them?
    I'll do everything! I hope your wifi is good.
    I can clone for you if you want. How many Pokemon do you need cloned?'
    Edit: References if you need them.
    Sigh..... yeah, lets try tomorrow.

    Damn wifi. It was working okay this morning and now it stopped. :(
    Well.... I was trying to get these last pokemon on my list, but I haven't found anyone who can do them for me yet.

    I was looking for:
    Jolly Flawless torchic
    Adamant Flawless Dunsparce with headbutt, serene grace, and pursuit
    Jolly flawless Rattata with counter, me first, Guts, and reversal
    Timid Houndour with flying hp and flash fire
    Adamant flawless Armaldo with battle armor
    Flawless Jolly Chimchar with fake out
    Flawless adamant Corphish with dragon dance and shell armor
    Timid magby with ice hp
    Modest articuno with ground hp
    shiny careful grimer with shadow sneak and sticky hold
    shiny modest remoraid with water spout and sniper
    a shiny adamant flawless Cloyster with skill link, rock blast, and rapid spin
    Calm Mantine with flying hp
    I think it's because the nintendo company are working on getting the wifi connection set up for the black and white version. :D
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