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  • Awesome would you be available to trade in 45 minutes to an hour? Theres a bad storm here right now.
    No problem I like the Luxury Ball better anyway, Also may I ask what moves you tutored on it? I needed stealth rock on it but if you didnt give him it no problem ^^.
    np tell me more details about of ur bp, but i want store the credits on ur thread for some pokes that i need on 5th gen, but for now i dont have B/w

    Edit: u have available ur BCC Scizor in a BCC Scyther? i want the scyther for NU battles
    okay bp sounds good I usually get 3 credits per bp, but i want rights in azelf, i can exchange only the azelf with rights for the bp?
    oohh sorry but this latias is semi- redis for me, i cano't give rights =/ and i dont have HG/SS cartridge, anyway i want ur shiny jolly Azelf if u see other thing from my thread in exchange pls let me know
    i read some of ur vms i have shiny latias timid hp fire 70 (japanese latias) in a reapat ball this is fully redis, and i have shiny latias Timid HP fire 70 (english cartridge) in a love ball but this one is non-redis for u
    Hey there, I'm sorry for snooping but I have a shiny timid fire hp latios if you want it. :)
    Besides bonds DW starters not sure how else to obtain them, I do have Linkinos HP shiny Latias in a repeat ball.
    I just checked your thread and it seems like you got alot of stuff, Do you have any gen4 or 5 wants?
    No thanks on the credits since I wanted them before but you said I used them up on the Munna BP and I would feel greedy and I dont want to feel like that, All I wanted to know is if you still wanted your Zapdos or not but if you can now ID/SID then its okay I guess you can get your own Calm one. No hard feelings and maybe someday we can do some more business :)
    I actually moved away so I had no Wi-Fi for over 2 months...when I did have Wi-Fi you never got back to me about the Zapdos anyway when I had it done for along time..I was just wondering if you wanted it or not. It wasnt my responsibility to get back to someone about a CP/BP I did for them.
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