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  • I only know how to move pokemon via memory dump in 3rd gen games (dmp files). If that's what you want to know here's the party slot references for alll 3rd gen games :) just remember to make the size of the pokemon 64. Let me know if that's what you meant, I haven't really used pokecheck and eciclopedia for 3rd gen games. I've only used enciclopedia for checking IDs and SIDs


    Party Slot 1 - 20244EC
    Party Slot 2 - 2024550
    Party Slot 3 - 20245B4
    Party Slot 4 - 2024618
    Party Slot 5 - 202467C
    Party Slot 6 - 20246E0


    Party Slot 1 - 3004360
    Party Slot 2 - 30043C4
    Party Slot 3 - 3004428
    Party Slot 4 - 300448C
    Party Slot 5 - 30044F0
    Party Slot 6 - 3004554

    Fire Red/Leaf Green

    Party Slot 1 - 2024284
    Party Slot 2 - 20242E8
    Party Slot 3 - 202434C
    Party Slot 4 - 20243B0
    Party Slot 5 - 2024414
    Party Slot 6 - 2024478
    Open ny 4th gen save file you want to put the pokemons into. Then open the pkm file. Pick the box position you want to put it in and right click and set. This is done with pokegen
    The files i send you aren't 3rd gen files. There are 4th generation pkm files. Just import on a 4th gen file like you import and clone all your other pokemon. Or 5th gen i am not sure just check.
    Ooh !

    Tools > Memory Viewer > Import/Load > Select .PKM File.
    Insert 2024550, the Pokemon will now be in Slot 2 of your party.
    I never did that. I used to put my Emerald ROM on my Retail cartridge via GBA Backup.
    Then just Pal Park them legally.
    Estoy seguro de que era con método 1 para legendarios, y 2 para normales, pero hay veces que se cambia en el emulador a método H o alguno otro.
    Sí, solamente necesitas debilitarlo, usar False Swipe, y lanzar la pokéball de tu preferencia.

    Pero también he RNGeado salvajes en Emerald en el cartucho original.
    Perdon tal vez no intendi todo tu mensaje bein pero use Photoshop. Si me gusto tambien pero como ya ha cambiado todo en los nueva generaciones. se parecen aci,

    Are you still looking for Pokés?
    You have a few things I Cannot get myself :)
    Hi Lolpo ;D

    Good to see you're still here.
    Come to think of, I Pokétransfered the caught Porygon2 you RNG't for me yesterday =D
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