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  • wow you are a straight up (BAN ME PLEASE) baggin retard my haxorus holds a choice scarf thats how it out sped your mienshao wow you are an idiot i trolled you 6-0 so you report me for cheating wow you are a dumbass gg (BAN ME PLEASE)
    Actually sorry to do this but if I'm going to have a partner, I need someone who I've battled before and I at least know they know what they're doing. By the looks of you channel comments, I'm not sure if I can trust you as a reliable partner. Sorry
    that's what they say; but I've gotten a team that i can stand on my own two feet and i'm able at least not to lose 6-0 my best lost was a 1-0 loss; i don't dc because people won with good predictions and Pokemon; and i can never change or affect that. might as well let people have the win.
    dude what the hell you say you have to go and cant rematch but then you go and battle someone else.
    Your pathetic
    Swept your weird ass team (physically defensive Toxicroak with Super Fang, Gallade with Earth Power/Shadow Sneak/Pain Split, a Cloyster that failed to outspeed a CM Raikou after a Shell Smash) and you DC... pro.
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