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My best undefeated record! lol it’s much better than that

I was temporarily the highest person on the authlist on Aqua lol hahaha this was so funny

I peaked #1 on LC Extended OMotM Ladder n_n i’m very good at pokemon

This is the most unlucky I have ever been in one battle lmfaooooooo LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL DYING reasonably accurate i suppose, apart from klang being good *shudder* ok

Monotype Bug Galvantula Analysis
Community Input Check on Monotype Psychic Deoxys-Defense (can't link the actual thread cuz this is the old forum, but you can see it if you click on the Deoxys-Defense thread)

@imas234 ):we'r all cri on insidz

@imas234 ):never quote me

@imas234 )': =
@imas234 )': magic

InfernapeTropius11: 252+ Atk Choice Band Tough Claws Haxorus Outrage vs. AllJokesAside's Entire Team: 44420-52260 (370166.6 - 435500%) -- guaranteed OHKO
InfernapeTropius11: heheh
eviolite goomy: huehue
AllJokesAside: :(
eviolite goomy: 10/10
AllJokesAside: Heh
InfernapeTropius11: hu3

MadMayMason:sleep is for tired people

#Eevee General:I actually *hate* eevees
InfernapeTropius11:#Eevee General: I actually *hate* eevees MY WHOLE LIFE IS RUINED, EVERYTHING I THOUGHT I KNEW IS A LIE
#Eevee General:guys, I was joking, eevee is still my #5

+aesf: nothing counters contrary anyways
+aesf: especially when you have a counter to it

+Lucina09:I wouldn't have expected nothing less.

DerpTater:how the heck can rhyperior learn surf
DerpTater:it's a fucking oversize blissey covered in rocks

@Leafshield:you gotta werk it when u jerk it
@Leafshield:no slacking when your jacking
@Leafshield:cant hide from the heat when you beat your meat
@DreMZ:When you see the chick gotta grab your dick ;^)

@Slenderbaby:More like InfernapeTropius69.

#Eevee General:unfixable is in gay rage mode

SooperPirate114: Who wants to partyyyyy???
+Mamp joined

[17:41:26] #Eevee General: mmy is very poopular

#Eevee General:eevee is bad

#Eevee General:josh ur bad

kingslayer2779:i am Noob

Magneton used Hidden Power!
[Opposing Rook's Sturdy!]
It's super effective! A critical hit! The opposing Rook endured the hit!
The opposing Rook lost 99% of its health!
The opposing Rook held up its Red Card against Magneton!
Dugtrio was dragged out!
The opposing Rook used Volt Switch!
It doesn't affect Dugtrio...

^ (Rook is a Forretress)

InfernapeTropius11: +pair OU Champion
@sparkyboTTT: InfernapeTropius11 and OU Champion are 50% compatible!!!!
InfernapeTropius11: +pair UU Champion
@sparkyboTTT: InfernapeTropius11 and UU Champion are 50% compatible!!!!
InfernapeTropius11: +pair RU Champion
@sparkyboTTT: InfernapeTropius11 and RU Champion are 50% compatible!!!!
InfernapeTropius11: +pair NU Champion
@sparkyboTTT: InfernapeTropius11 and NU Champion are 50% compatible!!!!
InfernapeTropius11: +pair PU Champion
@sparkyboTTT: InfernapeTropius11 and PU Champion are 50% compatible!!!!

InfernapeTropius11: +pair ur mom
@sparkyboTTT: InfernapeTropius11 and ur mom are 85% compatible!!!!

InfernapeTropius11 was promoted to Room Moderator by Eevee General.
2 versions pick ur poison thing u wanna laugh at

+AllJokesAside:i'm retarded

%lcass4919 (˙ ͜˙ ):i play on the sim to battle, not to have a fucking spelling bee

+Kingslayer2779: i actually agree with gummy

+Kingslayer2779: i regret letting gummy feel validated for even a second
disclaimer: sarcasm used heavily in the above convo to try and make points

IT11mons team :J