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  • Hello! We're paired for the RU open tourney. When would you like to play? I usually hang around IRC, GMT+3, most of the day.
    Jack Frost
    Jack Frost
    Sorry for not answering before =p

    My GMT is -3 and I can play almost every day in the afternoon.
    I think we're having a little trouble communicating. I can be online on Monday before 7pm your time. Does that work?
    hey, we need to play for the DPP OU tournament soon. my timezone is gmt-8. tell me what times work for you
    Okay, well, I need to get it done early. Is there any chance you can play at noon my time? Or 2 pm your time
    actually, can you make that an hour later? 9 o clock in the evening, your local time?
    I say we battle Wednesday evening, 8 o clock in the evening where you are, GMT-3, which is midnight where I am, GMT+1, is that ok? Can you propose a tier, since that you have to do according to the rules of the tournament.
    Hey, Im free most of this week except from 12-5 on Tuesday through Thursday. I am gmt -5. When would you like to play?
    Hello Jack Frost, we have to battle in the field advantage tournament, what is your time zone and what days would you prefer?
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