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  • Tell they that you're starting up a trade thread and you'll give them credits. If you get BPs from several different people, you can give them credits and (ideally) they'll find stuff from different breeders in your thread they want.
    Most breeders also clone.
    If not, you can send it my way I'll clone it and get it back to them and to you.
    If it's a matter if you not understanding how - the forums are full of helpful people.

    However, if it's a matter of time, I suggest asking around for people to do breeding projects for you. If you have a good idea (IE, jolly X w/ 31/0/31/31/31/31 and egg moves a, b, and c) you can get someone else to breed it, give them credits in your future thread, get someone (like me) to clone a bunch of them, and then trade them for stuff.

    The alternative is to bumb a perfect ditto and do it the old fashion way - power items, breeding, and luck.

    Just ask yourself what your dream team would be, then commission the stuff you don't see up for trade. Other people (like me) will no doubt want whatever you comisssion, you'll get redistributable pokemon (from my thread), you can put in your thread, and you'll have stuff your breeders can cash in thier credits on.

    It takes a little work, and a little research, but it's not that hard. Look at my trade thread and see how well it's worked for me.
    You should look into learning how to RNG (or starting up a trade thread and comisson some breeding projects from others - I can give you names of people who can RNG breed if you want) - and I bet you'll have plenty of cool stuff within a week.
    I'm pretty much only interested in flawless pokemon - 31 IVs in everything (unless they're less for a reason - 0 ivs in attack to reduce confusion damage, some lower IVs for hiddenpower, etc.).

    Let me know if you have anything like this. Thanks!
    What do you have (for example, that I don't already have in my thread)? No hacks or anything, of course.
    its supposed to be baton passed the speed boosts so it doesnt really need sucker punch most of the time. gg :)
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