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  • You know actually, since I'm going to be leaving you can pick three pokes that you want as long as I could get a clone back
    Most likely hidden power, Shadow Ball, Focus Blast, and T-Bolt, same as my old Gengar that I had except Hidden Power over Hypnosis
    All my battling one's for sure, all my trades would be time consuming, I don't know probably, cause I mean I don't think I have a single 4th Gen poke on my team, so using the battling guys is completely viable
    I probably would have if I was in your position, becoming a senior this year, but as I'm not taking my DS to college :( I don't really wanna spend the money
    Well luckily I have three other brothers so I have another DS, haha. It makes things so much easier
    No I don't have one, so yeah that's a problem for you, maybe they'll make a Mac accessible one for Black/White, haha
    Yeah I see what your saying, but it's fun and rewarding seeing and getting your results, and it's really not that hard once you pick up on how to do it
    Haha, yeah that would be interesting, but whatever I have fun playing it. And my school is/was boys only so I wouldn't have to worry about that second part, lol
    Oh believe me none of my friends know I play Pokemon, really it's not that childish of a game, but people do have notions it's for children, haha. I like Xbox too but whatever haha
    Yeah, I love sports, I have no idea what I would do if I wasn't good at them, haha. I just lol at people when this(pokemon) is their number one passion in life, sure I love playing, but I would much rather play sports, lol
    Haha, believe me I have been on this and Serebii for like 3 years and I have never found anyone that has any interest in sports
    Haha, the Eagles are looking pretty good, Mike Vick should start over Kolb, but that's just my opinion
    Yeah Joshua is a monster, I laughed at Eli when he got destroyed, meh the Giants are in a brutal division too
    Hey the Redskins aren't gonna be that much better,haha, and we don't need Colt. Jake and Seneca are looking good
    Yup, exactly, he can't lead his own team to a championship, he needs to ride on the coat tails of D-Wade, whatever, at least the Browns are looking good
    I'm going to Cleveland State to play baseball, you probably have never heard of it, haha, but it's D1
    I do, but unfortunately I'm going to college tomorrow, so the shop will be closed until like Thanksgiving, :(, thanks for the offer though
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