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  • Oh that's ok, I've alreadsy settled this with Ashigaru and he's already exchanged it for me.

    Thanks anyway :)
    In my original cmt I bolded calm as the nature I wanted for the togepi I received, is it possible for me to receive that togepi in return for the bold one I got?
    Actually, can trade right now. You'll need to use my brother's FC though, it's 3697 1640 0760
    Thanks, I'll be able to trade once I finish up this round of the battle subway. I'll let you know when I finish the 7 (currently on 4)
    Ah yeah I have tried on Hyper GTS, but it only works somehow on 4th Gen transferring.
    When I tried to transfer to 5th Gen, I always get error 13267 or something.
    I don't sorry :O I think we should just leave it at that :P Without my thread there is probably nothing you want so ah well :)
    w-well, then, if you're sure...

    i'll get online right away. thanks a million, dawg
    a-actually, yeah, i do still want it. sorry i never got back to you on that, i don't really have an excuse
    are you sure, though? i don't mind ev training your thing, i've got so much free time these days i might as well put it to use...?
    Oh it's fine. No I don't have a thread, and don't need your Jolteon anymore, but thanks anyway.
    I didn't recover my thread when they deleted them all :S Was there anything you particularly wanted? I may have it :P
    I swear we had a pending? I think I asked a Eelektross/Tynamo and something else for somethign that you asked me for :O Can you remember? :S My thread wasn't restored and I have a sudden want for an Eelektross :P

    Edit: K just looked it up and you wanted a jolly Virizion and a timid Drought Vulpix. I'm available to trade if you still want them :P
    I posted on your thread a request for your Jolteon. I'd like a response even if it's a no please. If possible could the nickname be bolt
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