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  • Hey,
    i posted in your trade thread. I just wanted to let you know, in case you didnt see it...
    Well, credits can be spent on pokemon. It's basically like an IOU for you. So I'd give you the pokemon you want now, and wait til I find something I want from you, then use that credit on it. :D
    cmt for this
    [IMG]Name: Shiny Zapdos OT: Jake[IMG]
    ID: 35049
    IVs: 30/15/30/31/31/31 HP ICE 70
    EVs: 252SpA 252spe 4def
    Nature+Ability: Timid, Pressure
    Notable moves: Roost, Heat Wave
    Level: 51
    Nickname: No
    Fully redis

    the evd version please
    Sorry for my late reply!

    The Numel and Lapras are EV trained by now, but I can send you a list with the EV spreads, if you like.

    I'm interested in these four Pokémon:

    DW Bulbasaur
    DW Espeon
    EV trained Chandelure

    Also, what are Eelektross' EVs?
    Alright. Since this is not going anywhere, I am going to try and schedule a time to trade. How about this Tuesday after 10am anytime?
    Sorry about that. I was literally swamped with classwork for the past few days I had to finish it all before I could return here. And yes. So the grand total comes to:

    Shuckle-Bold lv100 EV'd
    Zoroark- Timid lv100 EV'd
    Torchic DW (Japan)- Jolly UT
    Leafeon DW (Japan)- Jolly UT (I also got an Adamant one now)
    Raikou (Shiny/Event) UT
    Entei (Shiny/Event) UT
    Kyurem (Japan)- Naive UT (I have literally every nature actually...)
    Dittos- Modest, Adamant, Bold, Impish and Careful

    That comes to a total of 12 Pokemon. (Although I am unsure if Raikou/Entei can be flawless...I doubt myself after the Mamoswine on Event flawlessness. So if they are not, just message me again for anything else. I might have it. But classes are picking up, so responses might take a while.)

    Uhhh...I guess I would like these four, if it is okay with you:
    Cobalion- Jolly
    Poliwag DW
    Nidoran Male DW
    Cubchoo- Adamant
    Hello? I would like to make another offer. You wanted 7 redis Pokemon from me as payment for that incident -_- however I am willing to offer 12 to make it a nice even number. I have a cache of flawless Dittos of every nature (again from RoC/Bond/Mat) and some more Pokemon. Just ask and I'll see if I have it. And you said I can have another Pokemon? I will see...idk
    That sounds like a good idea since Bullet Punch has never really helped me as much as I thought it would.
    Hi! I finished finally, but I do not see your online status thing. So message me tomorrow. I will try and be online most of the day. I double checked the Pokemon that I could check, I am unsure whether or not the Crown Beasts are flawless though, everything else is though. Kyurem is not EV'd. Leafeon and Kyurem are Japanese Japanese letters for names haha.
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