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  • It's a feraligatr with sheer force. It's just that his moveset isn't compatible since it has egg moves and so far you can only get starters as male
    I'll battle you RU. It'll be my first RU match. One of my pokes has an unreleased dream world set up. Is that ok, or want me to switch him out?
    I'm sorry but I'll have to get back to you in a few days. We just had a death in the family so I will be rather inactive for the next few days. I apologize for the inconvenience.
    In response to your post, I guess the Petilil will do, just please note that my pokemon have limited redis rights in case you were looking to trade them. So aside from that I'll add you to the pending list, just shoot me a message when you are around.
    Ok, then that would be awesome! If it's no problem, could you give them these moves?

    Axew: Dragon Dance, Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Earthquake
    Mienfoo: Jumpkick, U-turn, Stone Edge, Swords Dance
    Ok, cool. Ya, don't feel like you have to rush or anything. You don't have to have them ready by tomorrow, how about .. by Saturday? And I'll go ahead and go to the wifi room.
    Ah, whoops! I totally forgot to reply to that. Sorry!

    And, I guess I'm not really that interested in Landorus. Since Bond's Pokemon are every where, I tend to stay away from them. If you don't mind EVing both of them with simple 252 atk, 252 spe, 6 hp spreads, I'll give them both to you in return for EVing.
    Not at the moment. I just started on another project and I'd have to start over if I traded since saving changes the position of the NPCs. It may only be ten minutes or it might be an hour. :/
    In response to your post in my thread, I am interested in your DW Gligar w/Baton Pass and Agility but that's it for now so you can choose which one you want. I've seen your posts over the last ten hours or so and your offers are looking much more detailed. Feel free to post again soon if you get something new. :)
    in exchange for those four, could i have:

    the staryu
    the numel
    the lapras
    the umbreon

    also, no the galvantula is not EV trained, but it can be
    I haven't checked my thread yet (smogon is slow today...) - have you posted your offer there? Can you tell me about your Landorus? And you can see what G4 pokemon I have in my thread - can you offer something I don't have listed?

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