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  • Hey there! Just seeing if maybe you haven't seen my post since the thread moves so fast. You said I have one pokemon with pokerus left on PLT if you are so intrigued. I do not have Ursaring on Gen IV atm so I apologize for that.
    I Replied with I Got an Ursaring for my Houndoom already, so I am good on that front. I really need that Pokerus Pokemon though. I can offer legitimate legendaries if that helps.
    Hey man, I was gone for some time as well, but I can trade now.
    Your HA Spritzee female for my HA Bunnelby female sounds okay to you?
    My FC is 1977-0297-8264
    IGN is Marc
    As long as you don't end up looking like you had a bowl of steroids for breakfast ;) and fuck if I know, I didn't do anything, I just refreshed the page and the ban message came up
    Sounds like fun. (sort of). Eh, not much, I've been pretty busy working and shit, so I haven't had much time for pokemon, but I got banned on serebii again <_<
    Yeah don't worry i'm very busy and sometimes i dissapear for several days , anyway just send me a VM to arrange this trade , c'ya
    Hahaha oh yeah, school is coming up. I also recently had a death in the family, though not as bad you I would say. We had to put down my dog on Saturday. Other than that I'm good, been working so thats been keeping me away from here as well.
    I'll have it ready in 5 min. Would it be okay if I made a clone for myself? You can tell me redis rights.
    I haven't seen any of them at all, so I don't know if everyone just ignored it so they could either get Chlorphyll Bulbasaur, or the Solar Power Charmander. Plus a lot of people may be holding off until a female one is released.
    I'm fairly certain Ju-Da-Su or however their name is spelled has several varients of the DW Treeko
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