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  • ok, i dont actually own the electrike, it is my partners poke, and so only the infernape. I am not really interested in any of the pokemon u listed. do u have a trade thread or any other pokes to offer? thx.
    The only difference would be the OT/ID. As you can see, everything in my trade thread are mine. I noticed you were also in pokecommunity, you should check there since I never update my thread here anymore.
    The Gamestop events are what interests me, except for the Raikou which I already have. Gamestop Entei or Suicune will suffice, with good IV's of course.
    I already have those, unfortunately. D:
    If you'll be having the Suicune and Entei with flawless/near flawless IV's
    Well, for now, I only trade my own 'mons, which are still untouched. I only managed have clones a few ones and EV trained them. The untouched versions of the 'mons I use are in the thread linked on my sig. It's a bit dead coz no one wants to trade so I just left it like that.
    Sure. :D I'm testing out some new 'mons anyway. I'll be back in Wi-Fi in a sec.
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